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Polo Shirt

  • Polo shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve
  • Approved colors: white, grey, and navy blue

Can be worn with polo Shirt

  • Solid color crewneck sweatshirts (no logos or pictures)
  • Undershirts (no red or navy blue)
  • Sweaters (plaids and stripes of school approved colors)
  • Hoodies (zip up or pull over)
  • Light wind breaker jackets
  • White, grey, and navy blue


  • Uniform pants
  • Walking shorts, capris, pleated skirts, and skorts must be at or below knee level
    • Tights can be worn underneath 
  • Pants should fit properly in all areas.
  • Not approved: jeggings, leggings, sweat pants, skinny jeans, spandex, jean material, sagging
  • Khaki or navy blue


  • Backpacks: must be clear or mesh
  • Belts: black or brown
  • Shoes: Closed toed shoes only
  • Hair adornments: must be school uniform colors

Jackets & Coats

  • Any light jacket may be worn in the classroom. 
  • Heavy coats need to stay in lockers
  • Teachers may have students put their jacket in their locker if it becomes a distraction

2018 - 2019

School Supply Lists

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unacceptable apparel 

  • No t-shirts or sleeveless shirts
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • No red or navy blue undershirts
  • No facial piercings
  • No hats or bandanas
  • No fabric backpacks
  • No jeggings, leggings, sweat pants, skinny jeans, spandex, jean material, sagging
  • No sandals, flip flops, slides, or heels