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Teach to One Offers Students Personalized Learning to Develop Math Skills

Teach to One is helping students at Hale Junior High learn math with daily, personalized lessons.

“It’s my favorite class,” said Klarence, a student in the Teach to One program.

The Teach to One program develops an individualized skill library for every student based on their MAP testing scores and a diagnostic test. In class, they work on these skills using one of three instructional methods:

  • collaborative learning, where they work on a skill with classmates
  • independent learning, where they watch video lessons and do practice problems
  • live learning, where they get direct instruction from the teacher in small and large groups

At the end of class, students take a short quiz, known as an exit slip, which gauges how far they got that day. The students get the results immediately. Green means they understand the concept, yellow means they are almost there, and red denotes room for growth.

“We try to stress to them that they are not expected to have a green every day on every exit slip. You don’t always get a concept the very first day. It’s just a daily check-in,” said April Vogler, the Teach to One director and math department chair.

In the evening, the new lessons and schedules are assigned for the next day based on the results. The students begin class in Math Advisory, which is like their homeroom, where attendance is taken. Then, they rotate to the session they are supposed to be in that day.

Teach to One helps 7th and 8th grade students catch up on concepts they may have struggled with in the past.

“It’s hopefully helping them overcome some of those math anxieties because it is getting them where they need to be,” said April. “Hopefully it is filling those gaps that they are frustrated with.”

For students who excel in math, it allows them to work ahead.

“Last year, I had seventh graders that were soaring into angle relationships and surface area and some things like that that they wouldn’t have been exposed to as seventh graders in a traditional curriculum,” she said.

This is April’s third year using the Teach to One program with her students.

“It’s more facilitating the learning than teaching it and leading it,” she said. “That’s important, especially at this age, to teach them to take that ownership and have that responsibility and advocate for themselves if they have questions or don’t understand something.”

Even though they are working more independently than they would in a traditional class, the students are still supported by their teachers.

“Every time I don’t get, Ms. Vogler comes in,” said Dadiva, who is now in her second year of the program.

Dadiva said she learns more in Teach to One than she would in a regular math class.

“Even if you don’t get it, in a few days, you will get it. You just have to pay attention,” she said. “When you get it, it’s kind of fun.”

“Watch the video and take notes, go over it in your head, practice it, and you’ll get good at it,” added Klarence.

For more information on the Teach to One program, click here.